Duluth Missabe & Iron Range

Wood Caboose

Build in two ways

Original Design or "Modernized" Version

HO scale Kit #2214

Standard Wood Caboose


"Modernized" Wood Caboose with Generator and Steel Side Frame




This caboose was also used by the:

Chicago Great Western,

Duluth and Northeastern,

Minneapolis Northfield and Southern

and the

Lake Superior and Ishpeming


The Model:


The model is based on the original standard design of the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range wood cabooses.  These cabooses were built around 1909-1921 and lasted into the 1960's.  The "Moderrnized" version was an alteration of the original design which started to appear in the late 1940's.  A generator was fitted in the rear of the caboose along with an access door, vent, and  exhaust stack.  To stand up to the ever increasing weight of ore trains, a steel side frame was also added to the cabooses.  Along the way, many of these cabooses were sold to other railroads including the CGW, D&NE and LS&I.  They continued to soldiered on for many years with new paint schemes.


Each kit includes one laser cut caboose kit that can be made into either the original or modern version of DM&IR's caboose.  The model is made of precision laser cut bass wood, fiber board, plastic, and cast metal parts.  All parts are designed for easy tab and slot construction, with peel and stick trim, windows and doors.  A jig is supplied for constructing the grab irons and hand rails.  Custom made metal castings have been designed to match the prototype for the Smoke Jack, Latrine Vent, and Marker Lamp, plus a Generator Vent and Exhaust Stack for the modernized version of the caboose.  There is also an alternate wall included in the kit to construct the modern caboose with the rear window removed and an access hatch and vent added to the area were the generator was installed.  The best instructions in the business provide full photographic and diagramed instructions and included a history of the cabooses with prototype photos.

30 Scale Foot Caboose

Trucks, couplers, decals and paint not included.

HO scale Kit #2214


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