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Tip#1: How to detail a Junk Pile Casting

Every Monroe Models junk pile casting is painted a dirty rusty color. 

But, you may want to add some additional color to make each part stand out.  Here's how to begin:

1. Start with your favorite water based modeling paints in various colors. 

2. Thin each color by mixing it at a 50/50 ratio with water. 

3. Paint the castings you would like to be colored and the rust will still show through the thinned paint.

4. For highlighting of the castings we recommend dry brushing on a light coat of antique white onto the edges of raised castings.  Dip a small brush in the antique white.  Brush most of the paint onto a paper towel.  Then lightly brush the paint onto the edges of the castings you would like highlighted.  Your model is finished with even more detail then before.

5. After the paint has dried you may want bring out the shadows of the parts.  We use a mixture using a 1 pint bottle of Rubbing Alcohol and add 3 teaspoons of Calligraphy Ink.  Brush on the mixture over the entire casting.  It may appear dark when wet but let the parts dry to a light black/grey.

6. If your colors are still too bright and you want a more rusted look an optional very light airbrushing of a rust color can be applied over the painted parts.



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