Lunde Coal Elevator

HO scale Kit #2215






The Model:

Based on an actual prototype.  Coal Elevators were usually built in the early 1900's near several grain elevators.  Coal was used by every house and business for heating and cooking before the advent of natural gas furnaces and stoves.  Everyone in town would need to buy coal for to survive.  The coal elevator had the advantage of loading wagons or trucks with 5 to 6 tons of coal through 5 different chutes without shoveling.  The elevator itself was loaded in two ways, through the side doors on the track side by shoveling coal from box cars equipped with grain doors or occasionally gondolas or it was equipped with an under-track conveyor system that could lift the coal to the top of the elevator.


Building Dimensions: 5-7/8"L x 3-1/4"W x 6-1/2"H



This is a high quality laser cut building kit.  It features bass wood walls, peel-and-stick roofing, peel-and-stick doors, and windows, printed advertising signs, plus metal castings for the Coal Shovel and Coal Bucket details.  Assembly instructions with photos and drawings are included for easy construction.

What else do I need?

Wood glue and a thin "super glue" for assembly.  Brush on modeling paint or spray paints for coloring and general hobby tools such as a hobby knife, small files, small scissors tweezers, and a small square.


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